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We are an impartial body of experts who have helped countless numbers of people find the right health insurance plan for their needs. The biggest issues we find in this sector is the lack of understanding of policies. We help our clients by offering free impartial advice on health insurance needs it is estimated that around 80% of people who have private health insurance in the UK currently over pay for their plan. We are not a sales company and do not wish to sell insurance our service can simply explain the options available in the market today. Insuring that the right cover is provided and most importantly the right price.

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We understand the importance of family and private medical insurance, protecting the people in life that mean most to us is priceless. The quality of private medical insurance in the UK is one of the highest in the world and in today’s market is has never been more affordable or important. No longer can the NHS provide us with the highest quality health care we have had the pleasure of in previous years. We are at a point where the market is tipping the UK medical sector is stretched to its limit in some cases leaving us to settle for second best. This need not be the case, contact us today for a free no obligation consolation, we are not in the industry of selling insurance we are simply here to talk to you and offer free advice.

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We have been operating as in independent impartial service for since March 2000. We were formed from a small group of health care professional who saw the requirement for this service. Since them we have grown to operate nationwide with offices in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Our combined years of expertise in this industry along with our ethos has helped to shape our organisation in to an honest hassle free way to get the best information regarding health insurance in the UK. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people see that there current medical insurance providers has slowly increased premium without justification or increasing their cover.

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Our experienced care team are at hand to explain the health insurance dos and don’ts. Many times we hear that customer have been insured with the same health insurance company for many years, during which time have seen huge unjustified increases in their premiums without any change in cover. We are at hand to give you nothing more than the facts, our combined experience in the health insurance industry can help you to find the right health insurance for your needs, nothing more nothing less.


Health insurance Manchester

Pregnancy can be one of the most joyous and beautiful times of a family’s life. During this precious time health care is extremely important and can play an important role in the whole process. Ensuring that your family are covered for every eventually has never been more important.


Health insurance Manchester


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