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We are an impartial body of experts who have helped countless numbers of people find the right health insurance plan for their needs. The biggest issues we find in this sector is the lack of understanding of policies. We help our clients by offering free impartial advice on health insurance needs it is estimated that around 80% of people who have private health insurance in the UK currently over pay for their plan. We are not a sales company and do not wish to sell insurance our service can simply explain the options available in the market today. Insuring that the right cover is provided and most importantly the right price.

Health insurance in the UK or Private Medical Insurance as it's also known gives you the freedom and peace of mind that faster diagnosis and treatment can be provided via a private hospital. We understand that you may not want to leave your health care to chance which is why we dedicate ourselves to our industry and clients. Keeping you up to date with policy changes, cost saving options and have a fully authorised network. You and your families health is the most important thing in the world and protecting it is our passion.

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Below we have outlined some benefits of taking out Private medical insurance.

Why use Best Health

  • Peace of mind
  • skip nhs waiting lists
  • diagnostic tests and scans within a week
  • Cutting edge medical care
  • Support your Nhs system
  • Top UK specialist
  • Full Cancer cover
  • Your own private room
  • fast treatment

  • Fully impartial
  • Free advice
  • Compare market leading providers
  • No obligation
  • Personal and dedicated service
  • Independent review service
  • No sales talk

The types of people we help get protected range from self-employed to the full retired community. If you currently have health insurance in place we are able to give you a 5 minute comparison online.

Family Life, Knowledge & Understanding

We understand the importance of family and private medical insurance, protecting the people in life that mean most to us is priceless. The quality of private medical insurance in the UK is one of the highest in the world and in today's market is has never been more affordable or important. No longer can the NHS provide us with the highest quality health care we have had the pleasure of in previous years. We are at a point where the market is tipping the UK medical sector is stretched to its limit in some cases leaving us to settle for second best. This need not be the case, contact us today for a free no obligation consolation, we are not in the industry of selling insurance we are simply here to talk to you and offer free advice.

About us

We have been operating as in independent impartial service for since March 2000. We were formed from a small group of health care professional who saw the requirement for this service. Since them we have grown to operate nationwide with offices in London, Manchester and Birmingham. We help people from all over the UK by giving them the information they need when they need it. Health insurance is our passion! With our team of health care professionals we have the tools and knowledge to empower you to make the best choices when it comes to your familys health insurance needs.

Our combined years of expertise in this industry along with our ethos has helped to shape our organisation in to an honest hassle free way to get the best information regarding health insurance in the UK. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people see that there current medical insurance providers have slowly increased premium without justification or increasing their cover.

If your looking for health insurance but are confused by the many diffrent options or plans, if you already have health insurance and are looking to see if you can find a better deal then fill out a contact form by clicking here and we will be happy to help. Until you speak with us you wont know if we are able to help you, in the unlikely event we can not help you then at least you know you have the best from your current insurance provider.

People we have helped get better health insurance in the UK

Health insurance Manchester


Our experienced care team are at hand to explain the health insurance dos and don'ts. Many times we hear that customers have been insured with the same health insurance company for many years, during which time have seen huge unjustified increases in their premiums without any change in cover. We are at hand to give you nothing more than the facts, our combined experience in the health insurance industry can help you to find the right health insurance for your needs, nothing more nothing less. We can help people from all over the UK and have helped many people find health insurance in Manchester London and beyond.

Private Medical Insurance, the cost, the cover, the comparisons!

When buying health insurance via your broker, provider or a comparison site you should look to receive your documents soon after the set up. The costs per insured person will vary as your premium is predicated on age and postcode but there are some constants that we can all expect to see when insured. Before you set up you plan you will be asked to answer a medical question that tends to relate to Heart conditions, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes or Mental Health. Typically if you have suffered one of these problems in the last five years you can expect to see a slightly higher premium with some providers and don't forget that all pre-existing medical conditions will only be covered after a 2 year Watch and Wait period. Related medical conditions may also be excluded so be sure to read the small print in your policy wording as some providers to check what will and will not be covered. The Moratorium method of underwriting is the most popular, it demands no medical tests or GP notes and you can be covered immediately. You can declare your medical history but this may result in a life time exclusion to your policy so again just make sure you fully understand both methods before agreeing to cover. Private Hospitals are a plenty in the UK with The Nuffield, BMI and Spire facilities being the most common facilities, London hospitals will be covered but you will often have to increase your directory in order to use the and as expected the cost will go up!. Knowing that you have the right policy will only be for you and your broker to decide as providers and comparison sites are not authorised to recommend or advise. Making the comparison's via a broker not only means you will receive a full market review but you will also get expert industry and policy level advice to help you make the right decision. credit to this health insurance blog for an amazing read.

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Insurance in London has never been easier

Taking out insurance has never been easier. You can compare your health policy new or existing via multiple platforms these days. Whether it's an individual plan, joint policy or company scheme it's really simple to get covered and make comparisons in today's market.

If you need private medical insurance in London and look for a provider you can take a policy with any provider Bupa, Axa-ppp, Aviva, Vitality amongst many others. You will also have access to some of the UK's leading private hospitals as London is renowned for its private medical insurance access. Hospital such as London Bridge, Harley st. And The Royal Marsden are just some of most prestigious facilities in the world and when you take out Insurance in London you get access to them instantly because the demand for faster hospital treatment is on the rise and the NHS crisis is ever present and as a result private medical insurance market has never been so competitive - with most insurance providers offing at up to 2 months free cover when you sign up!. You can achieve discounted gym memberships that are mainly located in London while getting access to free health checks and screenings.

The costs the protect your health are also becoming more affordable too with family policy's offering great value for money on full out-patient and comprehensive in and day patient treatment also. Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered after a certain time frame so don't discount yourself from getting a quote if you have an old problem you would like to get cover for. Most people prefer to get covered via a broker service as you can save time and money on getting better deals via a specialist advisory service.

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Health Insurance in Birmingham

Birmingham is considered the second city of the UK and due to its central location in the country its access to private hospitals has always been one of the best. Health insurance in Birmingham for families or individuals is a simple protection to achieve with some of the largest facilities located almost central to its heart.

The BMI healthcare group or British Medical Institute is the largest private hospital group in the country, hosting the BMI Edgbaston, BMI The Priory and once Bupa's – Spire Parkway. Along with a few others and the NHS hospitals available it's no surprise that many people in the midlands take out health insurance as an extra safe guard to the lengthy waiting times and failing infrastructure.

With Private Medical Insurance in place, not only can you get faster treatment but you can also ensure access to some of the best hospitals in the country as well as a nationwide directory should you need it.

Many policy holders use their cover to get a second opinion on a recent diagnosis or even use their protection to cover high cost cancer treatment that is not always available on the NHS. To get a quote for Private medical insurance in Birmingham you can simply speak to a specialist broker located anywhere in the UK and receive quotes from any Private medical insurance company in the UK market. As long as you are over 18 and a UK resident for more than 6 months you are eligible for cover and as you pay your monthly premiums the insurer will cover you for as long as you need them to. Whether it's Bupa, Aviva, Vitality or Axa-ppp as your provider they will all grant you access to the same facilities you opt for on your plan with some companies providing incentives the healthier life you try to live.

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The market at the moment

Private medical insurance providers are up against it this year with some major changes taking effect in the industry by April. At the end of the financial year health insurance providers will be changing the way your renewal documents are worded. This change get in policy wording will mean there will be new information presented to you at point of renewal and the exclusion of others. Our advice...Speak to a broker and take note of the changes sooner rather then later so you are one step ahead.

Cancer care and the crisis within the Nhs is a huge topic of discussion today. This week's blog looks at Manchester, UK and how the area is coping under recent pressures. Private medical insurance in Manchester like anywhere else in the country will give you access to mainly the Spire and Bmi group hospitals. There's are some Nuffield healthcare facilities available but you will likely have to travel further a field to access them. The Spire Manchester - the old Bupa - is the main port of call for most policy holders. The BMI Alexandre also take some of the strain from the Nhs but one of the main hospitals the area turn to for support in the Cancer care in the Christie. The trust is a flag ship for treatment and research and Manchester proudly refers it's patients to this hospital both on private and public. Taking out Private medical insurance may not solve the countries problems when it comes to the Nhs but it will help to support the struggle in our major cities to ensure the best treatment is received. If you can afford private medical insurance then consider it via our broker network. It's free, impartial and only takes 5 minutes to get a quote for family or individual plans.

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Keeping things simple!

If you are considering Private Medical Insurance for the first time it pays to keep things simple and make sure the policy is going to do exactly what you expect it to in the unfortunate outcome of you needing to use it. Of course no one ever wants to have to claim on their policy however it's often said ‘it is better to have it and not need it then the other way round'. You can purchase online direct from the providers, via a comparison site or like most people via a broker or adviser service. Cost can vary and are predicated on you age, where you live and medical history so it's important to get expert advice before you sign up onto a plan. As long as you are a UK resident your shouldn't have a problem getting cover in place with some providers offering no age limits and most only stopping at around 78 year old. These plans are available to pay for via annual or monthly direct debits and you might also be able to offset expense via your business if you are self-employed. Policies like any insurance policy is there to cover the future and not the past so bare this in mind when getting your quotes in and make sure you understand fully how the ‘ moratorium' works before you take out cover.

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The history of private health insurance what has changed for policy holders in the last 10 years?

Since before the NHS existed we have always been able to pay for additional health-care and private hospitals have always been around. Now they help to support the NHS in times of over spill and are seen by many as a first choice when in need of treatment or diagnosis. Since the dawn of Insurance or Private Medical Insurance providers like Bupa, Axa-ppp, Aviva and vitality have given more and more people the ability to seek out private care, be seen quicker and often receive access to treatment that is not as readily available on our National Health Service. So what's changed over the past 10 -20 years for policy holders? Is it better to be protected now then it was in the 90's. One massive change to occur was the acquisition of the Bupa hospital directory to the Spire Group, this essentially meant that Bupa no longer had their own exclusive hospital directory and you were now able to receive access to the directory regardless of the insurer. This opened up the market significantly giving policy holders new and old the chance to get better value for money, wider access to hospitals and consultants which in turn boosted the industry at the same time

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Pregnancy can be one of the most joyous and beautiful times of a family's life. During this precious time health care is extremely important and can play an important role in the whole process. Ensuring that your family are covered for every eventually has never been more important.


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